Do you have suggested hardware specifications for viewing?

QxControl operates in all major browsers (ex. Chrome, Edge, Firefox).  As such it can be completely functional on nearly any hardware set that can run the browser.  

If you are looking for a high level of performance when viewing many cameras at once, such as a guard viewing station, we have done some testing for this.  Please note there are number of settings and variables at each install that can change the live performance significantly. 

Optimal Video Stream Settings:

  1. Connect a high and lower resolution H.264 stream.  Most Onvif Profile S cameras allow for multiple streams from the device.  In the QxControl Edit Camera page you can choose which ones to connect to, as well as adjust the stream parameters.  We suggest the lower resolution stream be around half the that of the high resolution.  Lower FPS (Frames Per Second) is also suggested.  In most live viewing scenarios, 10 to 15 frames a second are plenty for a smooth experience.  Additionally extending the GOP time will reduce bandwidth overhead.  We suggest the GOP size to be at least twice that of the FPS.  (See example below)
    2023-08-24 14_34_34-QxControl App - staging

Base Line High Performance Hardware for Viewing:

As mentioned above there are many factors that can play in to live performance.  Below are the base hardware specifications Qumulex has used for live viewing of up to 64 cameras at a time.  One of the key components is the NVIDIA Quadro series.  This series is built for 24/7 operation, in contrast to most others which are built for bursts of use with breaks.

Graphics Card PNY NVIDIA QUADRO P1000 Graphic Card - 4 GB (latest drivers)


i7  11th Gen (i7-11700 @ 2.50GHz
Memory 32GB
HDD  NVMe SSD and 1 TB storage drive
OS Windows 10 Pro 64bit