Lock Status appears to be the opposite of what the physical door is (unlocked always, locks on card swipe).

Firstly, if the door is simply unlocked when you expect it to be locked, please check the Schedule at the top of the Edit Door page (first 2 steps below) and be sure it is either set to Unlock Schedule "Never", or verify the schedule selected is properly set to unlock only at the times you want.

If you have a scenario where the door remains unlocked, even though the software shows locked.  And then does the opposite when you swipe a card, it is likely the output polarity is reversed.

To solve this, complete the following steps:

  • Browse to the Doors section on the left menu below Configuration
  • Pick the door in question from the list
  • Click Edit door and scroll down to the "Lock" section.
  • Choose the opposite mode of what is selected currently.
    • This can either say Fail Safe/Fail Secure or Relay Open - Locked/Relay Open = Closed