How do I apply a new license to my On Premise system?

If you have an existing On Premise system and a new license key to upload please do the following:

1. Browse to the gateway using the appropriate URL defined in your quickstart guide.

2. Click on the Gateways menu on the left hand side.

3. Click Edit Gateway

4. Click Update License button and browse to the location where the license file is located. 

You will need to select "All Files" on the bottom right instead of just Text Documents
2021-11-05 14_13_52-2021-11-05 13_33_48-Window.png ‎- Photos

5. Highlight the license file and select Open.

6. The software should indicate that the update was successful and the new count will be shown.

7.   Be sure to click "Save Gateway" when you are finished.

2021-08-20 09_47_12-Qx-Control App_OnPremLicense