How to setup an Aperio Door in QxControl (Hardware)

Setting up an Aperio Door for QxControl begins with creating an account with Assa Abloy Aperio to obtain the necessary software, hardware dongle and Installation key for the project sold.

After obtaining the software, Wireless Dongle, and Installation Key we are ready to begin with physical installation of the AH30 Hub. 

We support two hardware profiles with the Axis A1001 and the Axis A1601 door controllers with wire diagrams which are pictured below:

Axis A1001


Axis A1001 connect data A to B and data B to A on reader 2 connector

Axis A1601


For Axis A1601 connect data A to A and B to B on reader 2 data port.

AH30 Hub Wiring


Match the corresponding A & B termination to the Axis side. Reader power can be used on the Axis A1601 and Axis 1001 to power the hub. 

Hub Dip switch setting


The Picture above shows the dipswitch settings for a Single Hub Application for use with the Axis A1001 & A1601 Door controller. An explanation of settings is shown in the chart above. 



Once the termination to the Axis Panel is complete and the Hub has been addressed and the End-Of-Line Hub has been terminated. A flashing light sequence will indicated if any issues exist with the configuration. At this point the flashes on the front of the Hub will indicate which stage it is in. 

Moving on to the programming application next, the hub should be in a Green + One Red Flash state, indicating the Aperio Lock is offline.  

Aperio Programming Application Interface



With the Aperio Dongle connected the application should show "USB radio dongle connected" in the bottom left hand corner, as shown in the picture above. 

Next, perform a quick search by selecting 'Quick Scan' from the top left Ribbon.

Aperio Pair

With the hub selected, right click and select 'Pair with lock or sensor' 

Two conditions can cause the pairing of the Door hardware and hub to fail:

- The Reader (Front Assembly) and the CPU portion (Rear Assembly) of the lock do not have matching MAC addresses.

- The cover is off and the Tamper is active on the lock. This will cause a red flashing at the reader and the reader will not respond to card swipes in the pairing process. 


With the Lock and Hub successfully paired, the QxControl Software programming can begin. 

Once the software programming is complete a 'Update Configuration' from the Qx Software may be necessary to get the hub to go to a solid green state once the lock has been paired. 

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