Why do I see "Media Profiles: Needs Attention" and a blue icon on my camera?

Qumulex prefers to connect to at least two streams from each camera.  If, on initial connection, we see a high and a low resolution H264 stream we will do this automatically.  However if there are not enough compatible streams, or if they were added/enabled in the camera after our connection they will need the below steps taken.
The reason we use multiple teams is that it allows us to use bandwidth-saving methods when viewing on mobile, or smaller viewing windows on desktops, where the full resolution is not needed.  Qumulex will always record the higher resolutions.

If we detect that a camera is connected with only a single stream we will give you a warning as seen in the image below:
2023-03-24 09_47_59-QxControl App - staging

To remedy this click on the camera in question and select "Edit Camera".  Scroll down to the media profiles and look to see if there is a lower resolution H264 profile available.  If so, simply click the slider to enable it!  
2023-03-24 09_48_34-QxControl App - staging

Once enabled Click Save and the camera will connect to the stream automatically.

If you find that there are not any available lower resolution h264 streams, you will need to login to the camera using the "Go To Webpage" available within the QxControl UI.
2023-03-24 10_02_29-QxControl App - staging

From here the menus will vary greatly depending on the camera.  You will either need to adjust lower resolution stream to use H264 from their existing type.  Or you may need to add or enable the secondary stream altogether.  It is best to refer to the camera manufacturers documentation for this, as sometimes the location for these settings are surprisingly difficult to find.