Initial configuration of multi-site setup for dealers

When you log in to to you will see each Qx Gateway listed with the associated PO within the Places section. 

Before changing anything else you need to add the main Customer entry in the tree. 

To do this:

  • Click on your Integrator name on the top of the tree in Places so that it is highlighted. 
  • Click on the FAB on the bottom right and select Add. 
  • Give the customer a Name (ex. Acme School District)
    • select the Type as Customer. 
    • Verify that the Parent Place is your Integrator name. 
    • Fill out any other relevant information you desire and click OK.  
  • Now Double Click on the first Qx Gateway you wish to add under this Customer. 
  • It is important that you change at least these two things for the process to work. 
    • The Parent Place needs to be set to the customer you just created. 
      • Click on the Parent Place and select the relevant customer from the list, then hit OK. 
    • The Type must to be set to Site.