My Gateway is not showing online in the Cloud.

Verify and try these steps in order: 
  1.  Are there lights on the connected Network plug(s) on the back of the Gateway?
    1. If there are no activity lights, try another port in the switch or possibly a different patch cable.
  2. Be sure that IF you are using both network adapters, they are connected in a way so as to get different subnets for each NIC.  Often that is achieved by manually setting the LAN network configuration, alternately you could use separate DHCP switches (or VLAN's). 
  1. Make sure that the WAN network port is connected to a switch that has internet access, and that the network it is connected to is serving DHCP addresses.
  2. If steps 1-3 have been verified, the next step is to temporarily disconnect the LAN port from the back of the Qumulex Gateway.  This will eliminate any chance of configuration conflicts.  Once that is removed give the system a maximum of 10 minutes to resolve the cloud connection.
  3. If it is not up by then, it may be worth a restart of the unit with only the WAN cable connected.  You can do this via a momentary press of the button on the front of the machine.  It will automatically begin the power-down sequence, this will take up to 2 full minutes to complete.  Once the lights and fans turn off you can power back up with another momentary press of the front power button.
  4. If the restart does not solve the problem it may be best to reach out to technical support via the phone. 
Note: If you are using an On Premise (not cloud) system another connection issue could be port forwarding, please see the following KB for details on that: