My HIK Vision won't connect, or says Not Compatible.

  1.  HIK Vision has ONVIF disabled out of the box on any camera with 5.5 or newer firmware.  You will need to follow the manufacturer instructions to enable the ONVIF profiles in these cameras before we can connect to the proper streams. 
    1. In most cases this is in the camera web configuration page under Network, then Advanced Network.  There will be a section that allows you to enable ONVIF.
    2. It may say Open Network Video instead of Onvif
  2. Verify that the time is synchronized properly via the Date/Time section in the cameras webpage.
  3. Sometimes you need to add a user to the ONVIF section of the camera that matches the camera login.  This is under the Advanced Network configuration.  Click Add User and create one with the same login you use for the camera webpage.  Be sure to select Administrator for the access level.  Save the page, and then browse to Maintenance and reboot the camera.