QXEP-LP1501 I/O Example Wiring



The above example panel drawing shows a two input, one output, single Wiegand door reader configuration, with directly connected 12Vdc power. 

Panel Overview


Upon un boxing ensure J3 settings are set for the correct power input for the application. J3 power selector jumper allows PoE or 12v directly wired power source via TB4-3 12vdc / TB4-4 GND.




The above tables show a full explanation of Terminal and Jumper descriptions.


Example Reader Configurations




Input Circuit Wiring


Typically, these inputs are used to monitor door position, request to exit, lock monitors. Input circuits are configured as unsupervised and consists of only open or closed states. 


Relay Circuity Wiring


Two Form-C contact relays are provided for controlling door lock mechanisms or alarm signaling devices. The relay contacts are rated at 2A @ 30Vd, dry contact configuration. Each relay has a Common pole (C), a Normally Open Pole (NO), and a Normally Closed Pole (NC). 

When controlling the delivery of power to the door strike, the Normally Open and Common poles are used. 

When momentarily removing power to unlock the door, as with a mag lock, the Normally Closed and Common poles are used.

Check with local building codes for proper egress door installation. 


Initial Configuration


The four switches on S1 DIP switch configure the operating mode of the LP1501 Controller. DIP switches are read on power-up except where noted. 

When installing the LP 1501, it is important to ensure that its done in a secure manner. Upon installation, the user accounts to the web configuration page should be created with secure passwords, and all DIP switches are in the OFF position for the normal operation mode. 

The LP1501 is shipped from the factory with a default login account, which is enabled when DIP switch 1 is moved from OFF to ON. The default login user name and password will be available for five minutes once enabled. Therefore, it is important that at least one user account is defined, and the DIP switches are set to off before the LP1501 is commissioned. Its also highly recommended not to configure the LP1501 with an IP address that is accessible from the public internet. These devices should remain securely behind the physical barrier the Qumulex Gateway provides with all Access and Camera Devices behind the LAN network interface and the WAN interface being the only outside connection to the QX Gateway / Security Devices. 



Bulk Erase Configuration Memory


The bulk erase function can be used for the following purposes:
     - Erase all configuration and cardholder database (sanitize board)
     - Update OEM default parameters after OEM default parameters after OEM code has          been changed. 
     - Recover from database corruption causing the LP1501 controller to continuously              reboot.