How do I change the IP of my Gateway?

If you have DHCP on both your WAN (customer network connected to the internet) and LAN (customer network connected to the security devices), then you will not need to adjust these settings. (presuming they are different subnets)

If a static IP is needed on either of your network adapters there are some steps that need completed.

  • Navigate to the Gateway section of the QxControl interface
  • Click on the Gateway you need to adjust the IP of highlighting it
  • Click the Go To Webpage icon that shows up on the FAB (lower right)
  • Here you will login with the qadmin username/password provided on the sticker with the system.
  • Once in navigate directly to the Network section (Do not apply any updates) 
    2020-09-23 15_30_16-Networking - QX750010
  • Click on the LAN (or WAN) connection depending on where the setting needs changed
  • Click on the Automatic DHCP dropdown and choose Manual
    2020-09-23 15_30_51-Networking - QX750010
  • Enter the IP and Subnet Mask ONLY.  Then click Apply
    2020-09-23 15_31_02-Networking - QX750010
  • If this is your primary connection to the outside world be sure to manually program in DNS Servers if you do not have any locally.
    • You can use and if you do not have a preferred source.
  • These settings will take effect immediately