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Unified Door Kit Wiring 8 Door Kit QXEP-DKUF-08DR-1502-MR52-U

Qumulex Panels-Model Update

Pictured above is one interpretation of how to position Life Safety Power Modules and Qumulex Access Panels. The Mercury backplane allows for a number of configurations to assist in position of field wiring and orientation of panel knockouts as it relates to terminating the wire to the modules.  


Qumulex Panels-Model power

The included Black, Blue, Orange power buss is installed on the male spade connectors as shown. 

Qumulex Panels-Model yellow

The Flex IO connector which is typically an included white cable with Keyed end is installed as shown. 

Qumulex Panels-Model purple

The wiring above shows the power cabling from the corresponding fused output on the D8 to the Qumulex Controllers. 

Qumulex Panels-Model orange

The orange cabling above represents the daisy chained 485 SIO buss from TB3 on the QXEP-LP1502  to the down stream MR52 modules. 

Qumulex Panels-Model blue

From the QXEP-LP1502 & QXEP-MR52 outputs run a pair of wires to the inputs on the C8/M8 Module. When the output is closed on the controller side it signals to the C8/M8 to fire the lock output. The field wiring form the lock will land on the Output Terminal block on the C8/M8. 

Qumulex Panels-Model all

The above picture shows the completed cabinet. Some considerations to be made is where the nipple from a cable tray, or knock out for conduit / field wiring will be made on the enclosure.