Why do I get "Access Not Found" message in QxControl when swiping my card/fob?

There are two main reasons you will receive this error.

The first is that the site code may be incorrectly set in the QxControl software.  Alternatively, the cardholder may have been added, but the person is not part of a Group.

To check the Site Code perform the following steps:

  • Browse to the Doors menu on the left side, and click on the door you are swiping the card at.
  • You should see a list of events, one of which is just a set of numbers matching the card.
  • Click on the number to copy it directly
  • Then browse back to the person in question and verify that the numbers match what was copied to your clipboard
  • If it does not, change the Credential to match what the card read gave you.

To verify a person's Group perform the following steps:

  • Browse to the People section using the left menu, and click on the Person in question.
  • Scroll down to the section marked "Groups" and see if there are any added.  If it says No Data Found, then you need to add them to a group.
  • Click Edit Person, about halfway down under Groups, select the "Add Groups" button and choose the appropriate group (or groups) to add them to. 
  • Click Save Person at the bottom and try the card again.