Why do some live video frames lose video?


There are several possible issues that can cause the live video feeds to issue a reconnect command.  The first thing to know is that reconnecting a live stream does not necessarily mean there will be anything wrong with the recording.  In fact in most cases they are completely unrelated. 
The most common and basic is if we do not receive a valid frame for 15 seconds from the camera we will drop the live stream and attempt to reconnect.  This can be as simple as network throughput/connectivity.
Sometimes these problems can come from camera settings.  The most foolproof way to ensure this is not the case would be to factory default the camera and reconnect to see if it cleared up your live viewing issue.
Alternately you may be having live display issues due to your GPU.  Either being to slow, or possibly just a processing issue.  The first test for this would be to turn off GPU acceleration within your browser.