Why can't I not enable (or see) all of the streams for my camera?

There are several reasons this could happen.

  1. If you cannot enable the stream it is likely it is not H264 encoding. 
    1. Qumulex will show all streams available from the camera even if they are not compatible.  But will restrict the enable option for those streams.
      2022-01-13 09_49_14-QxControl App - staging
    2. The benefit of being able to see them is that it allows you to see within the QxControl interface what items may be taxing a camera that may need disabled or changed.
  1. If you cannot see the streams at all then it is likely any streams enabled on the camera are not ONVIF.
    1. Some cameras require the ONVIF streams to be configured in a separate section of the camera configuration.  One example is Axis.  You will find a unique menu set for creating ONVIF streams.