Camera stuck in "Connecting" or camera won't connect

There are 4 main things that can cause a camera to not connect to the Qumulex system.

  1. The LAN port may not be programmed properly for the camera network.  By default from the manufacturer, both network adapters are set to DHCP.  The WAN is most often connected to the outside world on a switch that hands out IPs.  The LAN, preferably used as an isolated camera/device network, likely won't have a DHCP server to get the IP from. 
    1. Use the following KB to set a static address for your LAN port.
  2. The camera is not compatible with ONVIF Profile S.  Or the firmware is not new enough on the camera to support it.
    1. To check the compatibility of your camera please visit the following link, and search your model number.  Cross check with the firmware they show tested.
  3. The camera does not have ONVIF turned on by default.  Some camera manufacturers do not have the ONVIF (Open Network Video Interface Forum) turned on by default.  If you have added the camera already you can click on Config and Go To Webpage.  This should load the camera web interface and ask for your login.  Then you can make your configurations. 
    1. For Example:  Axis has an entirely different stream configuration page for ONVIF connections and streams.  And Hanwa requires a checkbox that is off by default to be checked.  This varies by manufacturer, check user manuals for your individual camera/model for relevant detailed information.
  4. The camera time is not synchronized properly.  ONVIF looks at the device time and the server time and will fail authentication if they are not close.
    1. The best solution is if you know the IP of the NIC being used on the Qumulex Gateway for the camera network, set that IP as the NTP Server within the camera.
    2. If you are not sure of the above, most camera webpages have a synchronize with "this machine".  Which means it will do a one time sync with whatever computer you are browsed into it with.  Often times this will suffice.