The future of building security

Introducing an all-new access control software built for mobile


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Next Generation Access Control 

QxControl is a powerful browser-based software unifying access control and video surveillance into one incredible experience, monitored across all devices.

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Unify your events

View access control events and monitor your doors by watching your video footage of that location, all in one screen.




Secure your places

Building security is more than simply securing doors, it takes a multitude of measures. Qumulex centers the experience around the places you need to keep safe and providing the right tools needed to do that.


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Access everything

Whether its monitoring schedules, viewing recent events or checking security statuses, QxControl gives our customers all of their information at their fingertips.




Mobile First

No need to deal with multiple separate apps for desktop, iOS and android. QxControl is deployed as a progressive Web App (PWA), which runs on all devices equipped with a browser without compromising on functionality.

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Live Demo


Every Wednesday @ 12:00 ET see a live demo of the new Qumulex Cloud-based Video Surveillance & Access Control platform

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