QxControl™ Accessories

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Qumulex partners with exceptional Third Party companies to offer tightly-integrated products designed to enhance your experience and do more with QxControl. We offer products from the following companies:


ASSA ABLOY Aperio-Enabled Locks

Qumulex QxControl and ASSA ABLOY Aperio-enabled locks give you the flexibility to expand your access control system to almost every opening in your facility. 

Qumulex offers the flexibility to manage your access control and video from anywhere using the cloud, and now with Aperio you can manage more doors using wireless technology.

  • Manage your access control and video surveillance anywhere using  the cloud, or start with an on-premise solution that can move to the cloud when you are ready
  • Easily connect your Aperio devices to the local QxControl Gateway  and then manage them anywhere with a cloud subscription
  • Scalable, open architecture solutions from Qumulex and  ASSA ABLOY allow you to connect readers, integrated locks, cameras and supporting devices that you want, or use what is already installed to keep your facilities safe

Qumulex-Aperio Spec Sheet >>>

Farpointe Readers & Credentials

QxControl is a Unified Video and Access Control platform, natively offering both to provide the most intuitive and complete user experience. To support this approach Qumulex offers products manufactured by Farpointe Data.

These readers and credentials are industry standard and work with any open architecture or industry standard solution, not just Qumulex QxControl. This allows Qumulex customers to streamline their ordering and technical support process. These readers and credentials are also competitively priced and extremely reliable.

  • Offers a full line of readers and credentials including the Conekt mobile app & credentials
  • Compatible with all Qumulex Gateways
  • Compatible with Axis Door Controllers & QXEP Enterprise Panels 

Qumulex-Farpointe Spec Sheet >>>



SAFR SCAN delivers a frictionless, fast access control experience employing the latest advancements in secure facial authentication technology. Users need only glance at the device for fast authentication. No need for keycards, badges, or PIN codes. This security solution addresses a variety of physical security, workforce management, and health and safety applications with ease.

SAFR SCAN is easy to install and easily integrates with QxControl for fast deployment. Designed in the USA with TAA and NDAA compliance, SAFR SCAN is a breakthrough in both performance and price.


Triton Sensors

Leading the charge in school safety and innovative technology solutions, Triton Sensors pioneers in providing vape detectors that prioritize accuracy, responsiveness, and compatibility.

Triton’s devices are installed in every state and 15 different countries around the world. Triton’s devices are relied on by schools of all types, from schools with 8 students to districts with hundreds of thousands of students.

When combined with QxControl, their sensors help to:

  • Detect vaping and bullying in hundreds of K-12 schools to help students take back their bathrooms
  • Detect unwanted cigarette smoking in apartments and hotels to mitigate fire risk and improve air quality
  • Develop custom keyword detection models for clients to protect their employees and customers in situations of distress
  • Improve air quality in hundreds of spaces such as hospitals, venues, and more

STiD Readers

Combine STid's turnkey solutions with QxControl to manage your access according to your security risks and your goals. 

Whatever your choice - Easyline, Expert Line or Individual Line - QxControl and STiD will safeguard the protection of your strategic assets with ease. Like QxControl, STid’s ready-to-use solutions are based on open technologies: you can manage your accesses independently and autonomously.

STiD offers a complete lineup, everything from highly secure readers and credentials available in many formats and frequencies, to mobile credentials that are highly customizable.


Qumulex + STiD Data Sheets