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Case Studies



Multi-Family Access Control

32 Union Apartments chose QxControl for their access control solution.



Multi-Tenant Technology Lab

The Indiana IoT Lab chose Qumulex for their access control solution.



Overview Videos

Overview Videos of QxControl

Qumulex Overview

A preview of the new Qumulex platform, offering commercial physical security customers a mobile-first, unified access control and video security solution supporting traditional on-premises and cloud subscription deployment models.

QxControl Tutorial: Live View

QxControl's powerful browser-based video surveillance application allows for easy and intuitive viewing of cameras, system health and statistics, analytics, events, and more.

QxControl Tutorial: Doors

Qumulex's powerful QxControl software is equipped with a Doors tab to allow users to manage and operate their access control processes.

QxControl Tutorial: Places

The Places tab in QxControl is where the native multi-tenancy shines, creating an intuitive hierarchy. Security Integrators can easily set up and manage all of their customers within their hierarchy in Places. End User customers can set up and manage all of their locations within their hierarchy in Places.

QxControl Tutorial: Cameras

Adding cameras, configuring cameras and more. Learn how to set up cameras in QxControl.

QxControl Tutorial: People

This QxControl tutorial walks you through had to add, delete and manage the people in your system.

QxControl Tutorial: Permissions

This QxControl tutorial will walk you through how to create and navigate through permissions.

QxControl Tutorial: Schedules

This QxControl tutorial takes users through the process on how to manage their building schedules for access control and surveillance.

Qumulex Gateway Setup

Josiah takes you through the out-of-the-box setup when receiving a Qumulex gateway appliance.

Video Tutorial Playlist

View all of the QxControl video tutorials in a video playlist here:
QxControl Video Tutorial Playlist



Brochures, White Papers, User Guides


Why Qumulex - Why Cloud

An overview of the Qumulex platform, features and benefits, and the advantages of moving video and access to the cloud




QxControl Datasheet

A detailed overview of QxControl Pro and QxControl One




QxControl Edge Analytics Overview

The powerful combination of Edge Analytics and QxControl Smart Tags




QxControl User Manual

QxControl Version User Manual



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