Modern, Powerful Browser-based Video Surveillance & Access Control




QxControl Overview

Designed from the ground up to be a unified, cloud-based, physical security solution for those serious about security, QxControl delivers a robust, easy-to-use, mobile-first experience.

QxControl features a simple-to-learn, modern user interface, giving you the same functionality - with a common experience - on any device with a browser. As a Progressive Web App (PWA), QxControl adapts automatically to the screen size of the device you are on.  Learn, configure, and support just one software platform for both video and access control, whether deployed on-premises or in the cloud. 

  • One app to learn, one app to support.
  • Cut the time spent learning, supporting and troubleshooting disparate Windows, iOS and Android apps by two thirds.
  • True familiar browser experience, including video. No plugins to download, nothing to install. Your app is always up to date, all the time.
  • No per-client licensing. Have as many people as needed connected at any time with no additional charge.

Unified, modern browser-based user interface

  • View/control video & access control events together
  • All information sent from a secure, encrypted https webserver
  • Native HTML5 content, no browser plugins required.  Reduces security risks and eases administrative burden
  • No thick client to maintain
  • Common functionality regardless of device: Chrome, Safari, iOS, Android, and more

Customizable Views

  • Choose from a wide variety of layouts
  • View cameras, doors, system health, analytics, and more
  • Easy drag-and-drop to create views

View Video & Access Events Together

  • Create views that combine video and access events for more situational awareness

Places: Natively Multi-Tenant

  • Places structure provides physical and logical multi-tenancy
  • Organize your customers into your own multi-tenant hierarchy
  • Physical access rights and camera associations are built through Places

Set User Scope

  • Enables easy management of your multi-tenant ecosystem
  • Designed for integrators managing large/multiple customer bases
  • View, control, configure at the tenant level without risking cross-tenant operator errors



Video and Event Search & Playback

  • Intuitive clip-based search
  • Find access control events by person or place
  • Easily find video from event places
  • Seamless search of cloud and local storage


  • Intuitive approach for managing credential holders and software users
  • Organize People into Groups within Places to control physical and logical access


  • Configure and control doors and cameras with a common paradigm
  • Doors and Cameras are assigned to Places to control physical and logical access
  • Monitor status of all devices by tenant or any place in the hierarchy


  • Monitor door statuses and control your system
  • Execute administrative actions from any device 


  • Monitor access schedules for your places
  • Change, edit or modify all existing schedules and create new ones

Intuitive User Interface

  • Modern, intuitive user interface that enables easy access control management from any device with a browser, including mobile.



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  • QxControl is deployed as a Progressive Web App (PWA), so it runs on all devices with browsers, with full functionality
  • You don't need to deal with multiple separate apps for desktop, iOS, Android. QxControl's PWA app runs on all devices and is always up to date.