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Video Surveillance & Access Control





Designed from the ground up

A unified, cloud-based, physical security solution for those serious about security.


Modern Video Management & Access Control Software

QxControl is a modern take on Video Management and Access Control software. With QxControl, commercial customers can manage their physical security from anywhere, on any device that runs a browser, using a cybersecure, intuitive UI.

  • Modern, intuitive user interface that can be operated on desktop, mobile, or any device with a browser, from anywhere you have an internet connection.
  • Modern credential management that ensures cybersecurity.
  • Open Platform architecture allows Integrators to choose the best cameras, door controllers, and analytics on the market, and enables the use of existing infrastructure when upgrading legacy systems.
  • Total control of storage via cloud-connected cybersecure gateways as well as external cloud storage.
  • No more legacy system headaches of manual software updates, thick client applications to download, cumbersome NVRs, and insecure port-forwarding.

Unified Video & Access Control

  • QxControl is built from the ground up as a truly unified video management and access control platform
  • Enables simple and efficient setup and administration from a single interface, without the pain of integrating disparate systems

Modern, Clean, Easy-to-Use Interface

  • View cameras, operate doors, and manage your system from any device with a browser, from anywhere.
  • Progressive Web App (PWA) technology enables a consistent user experience regardless of device (desktop, mobile, etc.)

View Video & Access Events Together

  • Choose from a wide variety of layouts
  • View cameras, doors, system health, analytics, and more
  • Easy drag-and-drop to create views
  • Create views that combine video and access events for more situational awareness

Video and Event Search & Playback

  • Intuitive clip-based search
  • Find access control events by person or place
  • Easily find video from event places
  • Seamless search of cloud and local storage

Powerful Smart Tag Search

  • Search based on specific criteria, such as camera, event, or analytic
  • Unlocks the powerful QxControl Edge Analytics for advanced searching

Natively Multi-Tenant

  • The native multi-tenancy enables easy management of hundreds or thousands of sites and customers

Open Platform

  • Works with the leading brands of IP cameras, door controllers, video analytics, and more. No Hostage-as-a-Service, no proprietary lock-in

All the Benefits of Cloud

  • QxControl is always up to date, with no desktop or mobile applications to manage, or updates to install

Cybersecure First

  • Secure remote viewing with modern password management and no insecure port forwarding

Remote Maintenance

  • Remotely manage cameras and door controllers via secure 'Go to Webpage' feature saving support and maintenance truck rolls

Powerful Rules Engine

  • The QxControl rules engine enables notifications on video, access control, and health events

Total Bandwidth Control

  • QxControl allows for total control over recording, including flexible limits on upload bandwidth usage when storing to external cloud (QXP)

Instantly Share Video

  • Instantly share video clips via Link Share in an email or text message with the included free cloud clip storage (QXP)

Full Remote Access Control

  • Remotely lock, unlock, and lockdown doors and places from any device with a browser, anywhere
  • Remotely monitor door status
  • Assign credentials and permissions to people 

Comprehensive Access Control Reports

  • Full capability to configure and generate Door and Person activity reports

QxControl 5-Minute Demo

Watch a 5-minute demo of the powerful and easy-to-use QxControl cloud-based video surveillance and access control software.


QxControl Pro Feature Matrix

QxControl Pro has full cloud capabilities and is ideal for multi-site management. 

QxControl Pro
QxControl Feature Matrix
Unified Video Management and Access Control
Open Platform support for third-party cameras and door controllers
Mobile-first web app provides all UI on any device with a browser
Easily download video clips for manual sharing via email or text
Create rules in all areas of the software that can alert you via text and email, such as when a camera is offline
Five Years of software updates included
Unlimited multi-site, multi-tenant hierarchy
Cybersecure, plug-n-play remote operation with no port forwarding
On-demand access to third-party, cloud-based video analytics
On-demand increase in camera/door count
On-demand external cloud video storage
Instantly share video clips via Link Share in email or text messages with included free cloud clip storage
Time-lapse mode
2FA & Passkeys for enhanced account security

Qx Cyber-Secure Cloud Gateways

Works with all Qumulex Gateways: QxA1, QxLink, QxStation, and QxPower

Works with all ONVIF Profile S/T Cameras

Works with the leading IP camera brands such as Axis and Hanwha

Access Control Hardware

Works with Qumulex Enterprise Panels as well as door controllers from Axis, Aperio, Farpointe Data, and Mercury


Product Ordering Info


  • QXP: QxControl Pro license for cloud platform access, one per camera or door

QxControl optional add-ons

  • CA-XX: Cloud analytics from select analytic providers, available on a per-camera basis
  • CS-XX: External cloud storage, available on a per-camera basis, for cloud retention in days, weeks, months, or even years

QxControl Data Sheet

Click here for the detailed QxControl Data Sheet

QxControl Data Sheet

QxControl Feature Matrix

Click here for a detailed feature matrix of QxControl Pro and QxControl One

QxControl Feature Matrix

And more impactful features


Create schedules to monitor your building without being there. 


Add devices hassle-free, right from QxControl.

Mobile First

Away from the building? Monitor your system from a phone or other devices. 

Holiday Sets

Create holiday sets for your system to make your operations efficient.