QxControl Intelligent Controllers, powered by HID Mercury


QXEP-LP Overview

The QXEP-LP Series Intelligent Controllers are powered by HID Mercury’s next generation advanced access control platform that runs on embedded Linux. The enhanced platform offers an improved processor and increased memory, plus feature an embedded crypto memory chip that provides a secured layer of encryption to onboard sensitive data. Built on the HID Mercury open platform, QXEP-LP Series controllers provide the necessary flexibility to choose the controller configuration that best fits your needs.


The QXEP-LP1501, powered by HID Mercury, is an edge-capable intelligent controller that is expandable up to 8 downstream serial input/output modules and up to 16 MR62e network ready door controllers (for a total of 17 doors/openings). The feature-rich QXEP-LP1501 provides a small footprint, cost-effective dual card reader panel for controlling a single opening. Easy installation with Power-over-Ethernet Plus (PoE+) makes the high performance, Ethernet ready LP1501 a top choice for a single-door controller

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The QXEP-LP1502, powered by HID Mercury, is a 2-4 card reader panel for controlling two connected doors and managing up to 64 doors/openings.The intelligent controller performs access control, alarm management and scheduled operations—all in a single package. With native connectivity, the High performance QXEP-LP1502 functions independently of the host for performing numerous access control applications and supports OSDP, OSDP Secure Channel, keypads, biometric readers, Wiegand, clock and data, magnetic stripe, F/2F and supervised F/2F reader technologies.

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The QXEP-LP2500, Powered by HID Mercury, is a powerful intelligent controller with native network support and is scalable to 64 doors/openings. This intelligent controller performs access control, alarm management and scheduled operations— all in a single package. Capable of elaborate processes and procedures without host intervention, the intelligent controller, once programmed, can function independently of the host.

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The QXEP-LP4502, powered by HID Mercury, supports a variety of extended features including High Assurance Credential Authentication and complies with the BACnet IP communication protocol. A USB-to-Ethernet IP adapter provides a redundant host IP connection. It has direct hardware support for 2 openings and can scale to 64 access points. Built on proven HID Mercury hardware, this high-performance intelligent controller embeds elevator destination dispatch and provides integrated power management analytics to proactively detect failure before it occurs.

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All Qumulex Enterprise Panels are NDAA compliant.

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