Unified Cloud Video Surveillance & Access Control

Mobile-First, Cyber-Secure, Modern & Intuitive


The Qumulex Solution

Qumulex is a fully unified Video Management and Access Control System that is Browser-based, using a mobile-first, modern Progressive Web App that runs on any device with a browser. 

The hybrid model allows for flexible deployment to meet customer needs, whether that be all cloud, all on-premises, or a mixture.

Open Platform assures maximum flexibility for security integrators to choose best of breed cameras, door controllers, switches, analytics, and cloud integrations.



Qumulex is a fully unified Video Management and Access Control System that is Browser based

  • Video and access events trigger each other, enabling proactive security
  • Reduces setup & maintenance complexity
  • Maximizes on-premises awareness to drive efficient Cloud usage


The Qumulex hybrid model allows for flexible deployment to meet customer needs

  • All On-Premises
  • Mix of On-Premises & Cloud
  • All Cloud

Facilitate transition by mix & match, all with a common user experience.

Easily transition On-Premises installations to Recurring Monthly Revenue (RMR)


Qumulex Progressive Web App


Qumulex software is delivered as a Progressive Web App (PWA)

  • Single Application deployed via browser on any device (Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android, iOS)
  • Residential Ease-of-Use with Commercial Cybersecurity
  • Native HTML5, no browser plugins required
  • Reduces security risks and eases administrative burden



Natively Multi-Tenant

QxControl's 'Places' structure provides physical and logical multi-tenancy.

  • Organize customers into your own multi-tenant hierarchy
  • Physical access rights and camera associations are built through Places

Open Platform

Works with Best-of-Breed IP cameras, door controllers, network switches.

  • Maximum choice for security integrators and end users
  • Safely use legacy cameras in the cloud
  • Open API supports third-party and cloud-to-cloud integrations


Next Generation Ease of Use

Modern web-based user-interface, delivered as a Progressive Web App (PWA). Same UI whether using on-premesis video or cloud video. Works on all devices with a browser, desktop and mobile.

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QxControl Appliances & Recorders

A full complement of on-premises appliances and recorders. Use with both cloud- and on-premises recording of video and access control events.

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Modern Design Tools

QxControl and the Qumulex Web Platform is built using using scalable, secure modern tools, designed for Mobile-First, PWA-based cloud applications.


Qx Architecture

Simple, Cyber-Secure

The Qumulex architecture is highly configurable for both cloud deployments as well as on-premises deployments.

Open Platform means best of breed choices for cameras, access control panels, door locks, IoT devices, and network switches, as well as a QxAPI for cloud-to-cloud integrations.

On-Premises gateways and recorders provide strong cyber-security, from both outside interference, as well as preventing unauthorized activity back out from internal IP cameras and devices.

The QxControl Progressive Web App, combined with Google Firebase authentication, provides fully encrypted and authenticated communications.


Cloud Integrations

The QxAPI extends the Qx Open Platform by allowing for Cloud-to-Cloud integrations with video analytics, AI, retail analytics, and more.


Cyber Secure

End-to-end encryption, industry standards OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect, and on premises firewall protect your physical security solution.


Commercial Strength

Each gateway can be accessed directly with full local functionality when a cloud connection is not available.



One app works on all devices with 100% functionality.


Integrator Friendly

Integrators manage all their customers and all their sites with one login from one place.



Customers manage all their sites with one login from one place.

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