Unified Cloud Video Surveillance & Access Control



Qumulex is a fully unified, browser-based, Video Management and Access Control System

  • Allows video and access events and actions to trigger each other
  • Reduces setup & maintenance complexity
  • Maximizes on-premises awareness to drive efficient Cloud usage


The Qumulex hybrid model allows for flexible deployment to meet customer needs

  • All On-Premises
  • Mix of On-Premises & Cloud
  • All Cloud

Facilitates transition by mix & match, all with a common user experience




Qumulex software is delivered as a Progressive Web App (PWA)

  • Single Application
  • Deployed on any platform
    • Windows 10
    • MacOS
    • Android
    • iOS

Residential Ease-Of-Use with Commercial Cybersecurity


Open Platform

Works with Best-of-Breed cameras, door controllers, network switches, etc.

  • Maximum choice and flexibility for security integrators and end users

Qx Open API supports third-party and cloud-to-cloud integrations

Cyber Secure

End-to-end encryption, industry standards OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect, and on premises firewall protect your physical security solution.

Commercial Strength

Each gateway can be accessed directly with full local functionality when a cloud connection is not available.


One app works on all devices with 100% functionality.

Integrator Friendly

Integrators manage all their customers and all their sites with one login from one place.


Customers manage all their sites with one login from one place.