Unified Cloud Video Surveillance & Access Control


Unified Monitoring

Monitor all of your security in one place, supported by one vendor and guaranteed to seamlessly work together. Drag and drop video, door monitoring, visual verification, event streams, bandwidth charts and more.


Unified Rules Engine

A rules engine is the key to being able to solve any problems your customer throws at you. Accept events from anywhere, apply filters and be able to take a wide variety of actions, allowing you to build the functionality your customers need.



Unified Management

Only one browser app to use for configuring both video and access control. From one login, configure and manage all your customers, their sites, doors, cameras, cardholders and everything else.


Video Pipeline

Knowing what video is interesting so it can be pushed to the cloud is key.

By integrating the video pipeline with the rules engine any event from any source can indicate that there is video of interest and cause it to be stored locally or pushed to the cloud. By keeping a cache of continuous video, even events that are delayed can still push the associated video to the cloud.


Flexible Deployment

Start with an on premises only deployment, or take advantage of the cloud. Deploy with only video, or only access control. Migrate to the cloud and add functionality when you or your customer are ready.

Cyber Secure

End-to-end encryption, industry standards OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect, and on premises firewall protect your physical security solution.

Commercial Strength

Each gateway can be accessed directly with full local functionality when a cloud connection is not available.


One app works on all devices with 100% functionality.

Integrator Friendly

Integrators manage all their customers and all their sites with one login from one place.


Customers manage all their sites with one login from one place.