Unified Cloud Video Surveillance & Access Control

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The Future of Commercial Security

QxControl December 2021 Release is live - Read more here

Securing Places Anywhere

The Qumulex solution, QxControl, is like a smart doorbell app for the commercial environment. QxControl combines door control and video from many doors and cameras across a hierarchy of Places to deliver situational awareness. QxControl is designed and delivered mobile-first.

QxControl can be deployed in the cloud or on-premises to allow users to adopt new technology at their own individual pace. QxControl is open platform, enabling the use of cameras, door controllers, and analytics from the leading vendors to expand the breadth of solutions and intelligence available to users, without proprietary hardware lock-in.

Customizable Views

View cameras, doors, system health, analytics and more from a wide variety of easy drag-and-drop layouts. Users can create views that combine events for more situational awareness in their buildings. 


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Powerful Search

Intuitive tag-based search allows for quick retrieval of desired video events, whether from motion, analytics, access control events, and more 


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Unified Access Control

Powerful access control unified with video allows for maximum situational awareness, all controlled on any device, through a browser.


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Mobile First

No need to deal with multiple separate apps for desktop, iOS and android. QxControl is deployed as a Progressive Web App (PWA), which runs on all devices equipped with a browser without compromising on functionality.




Open Platform

Utilize best of breed cameras and door controllers from the leading manufacturers, avoiding costly proprietary hardware lock-ins.


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Flexible Deployment

Using cybersecure gateways, the Qumulex platform can be deployed all cloud, all on-premises, or a hybrid of both, to meet all deployment requirements.


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Try Qumulex Now

Interested in seeing how easy QxControl is to use? Try this online live demo. You'll connect to our demo cameras and access control devices, right from your browser window. It's that easy! 


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Demo Webinar Wednesdays

Every Wednesday @ 12:00 ET see a live demo webinar of the new Qumulex Cloud-based Video Surveillance & Access Control platform.


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