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QxControl August 2021 Release: Share Video Clips Instantly

By Tom Buckley on Sep 2, 2021 9:33:07 AM

The August 2021 QxControl update is now live! In this update, users are now able to save video clips into the cloud service in addition to downloading to your local device. This update also introduces the ability to share these video clips with ease. Simply choose an email recipient or share via a link. This new feature also allows full control to delete or set the link to expire after sharing and includes an audit page to see who is accessing the video clip and when. In addition, each Camera Info page will display how much cloud storage is available and is being used by exported video clips.

Here's a video overview of this month's new features:


Save Video Clips to Cloud: Easily save video clips to the cloud making these clips easily accessible from any device you login from. After selecting a video clip in Search, simply choose the “upload to cloud” button right next to the download button you have already been using



The uploading clip feature enables FREE 20 GB per camera cloud storage, and has options for naming and describing the clip, as well as being able to set each clip to expire on a date you choose, if desired.

External Clip Sharing: Sharing video clips has never been easier! Simply enter an email address, or copy the link and paste it to an email or text message.



  • The Clip Information field shows when it has been shared, with whom, and when the link is set to expire


  • You can edit the video clip to modify the description, change the expiration date or to delete the video clip.  Audit Logs show who has shared, viewed or deleted the shared link.


  • The Camera Info page has been updated to show the available and used amount of cloud clip storage for each camera


Also in the August Update:
Several other enhancements have also been added to QxControl in the August 2021 update, including:

  • The ability to add an image to the Gateway Info page. You could choose to download the stock image from our website, or you could include an image of the actual gateway to help identify or document its location.
  • Access Control credentials now support the ability to exclude a site code for customers that do not wish to track the site code or have a legacy system with a mix of site codes, or they are unknown.
  • Support has been added for some Wiegand-based WaveLynx readers.

Information on this update with a complete list of features, enhancements, and fixes, is available here: QxControl Release Notes.

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QxControl July 2021 Release: New UI, Mobile Enhancements

By Tom Buckley on Jul 28, 2021 8:41:02 AM

The July 2021 QxControl update is now live! In this update, the Live and Cameras pages have been updated to the new User Interface and functionality has been expanded. This update also includes significant improvements to the mobile experience for Live Viewing including full functionality on iOS devices for full screen viewing, Digital PTZ, and drag and drop Widgets. Desktop usage is made easier through available keyboard shortcuts and easily click on a Camera to view full screen.

Here's a video overview of this month's new features:


Live Page Update: In addition to updating to the latest UI, several enhancements have been made to the Live page, providing an improved experience while viewing in live and saving live views. .


The Widgets tool bar has been refreshed to offer a more intuitive experience:

  • Widgets are now categorized based upon Cameras, Doors and Other which includes Data Charts and Event Panes. This makes Widgets easy to identify and find. A search bar is also provided for easy location of Widgets in larger systems.
  • Arrange Widgets feature allows Widgets to easily move between panes while viewing.
  • Drag and drop Widgets into your layout on both desktop and mobile.
  • Selecting a Widget provides better feedback. A green numbered tab appears when selected and is also used as a grab handle on mobile for easy drag and drop. Widgets already being viewed are indicated by an orange Eye-Con.
  • A 3 Dot Actions menu is available for widgets that will take you to the info page of a Camera or Door.

Saving and working with saved Views has never been easier:

  • Selecting the top Eye-Con allows saving a new view.
  • The Views tab now allows for creating and editing views without leaving the Live page.
  • The Views tab also now allows updating an existing view to change or include new Widgets, without leaving the Live page.

Improved Mobile Experience:

  • Drag and drop Widgets easily from your device.
  • Full screen viewing now available on iOS devices.
  • PTZ functionality now available on iOS devices.
  • New UI is easier to read and work with on smaller screens while maintaining full functionality on both desktop and mobile devices.


Improved Desktop Experience:

  • Double-click on a camera view for full screen and single click or escape to leave.
  • Keyboard shortcuts for easy and efficient operation:
    • A – Arrange Widgets
    • S – Opens Live Tray
    • W – Open Widgets Tab
    • L – Opens Layouts Tab
    • V – Opens Views Tab
    • Shift + Click – allows many Widgets to be selected at once for easier drag and drop.

Cameras Page Update: The Cameras page has been updated to the new UI. This allows consistency in operation with other application areas such as the Doors page and introduces additional functionality.


  • In the same way that Doors can relate what devices are connected to a Door Controller, the Camera now shows what sensors are connected to a multi-sensor camera. Feedback is also provided when making changes or deleting a sensor that is part of a multi-sensor camera. This provides much better feedback for users that are administering multi-sensor cameras in Qx-Control.
  • List view shows the IP Address of the Cameras in the list.
  • In card view, the 3 Dot menu on each Camera Card allows you to easily jump to Live or Search.
  • Actions and Config menus on the Camera Info page are now consistent with Door Info page for consistency. Actions allows for Live and Search and Config contains the Go To Webpage and Reconnect features for easy remote management.
  • Live view of the camera with full PTZ, full screen and On Screen Display.
  • Recent events are displayed just below a Live view of the Camera.
  • Doors that are associated with the Camera are listed and by selecting “View” you are directed to the Door’s Info page.
  • Settings and Edit pages are consistent and similar workflow to the Doors page.

Information on this update with a complete list of features, enhancements, and fixes, is available here: QxControl Release Notes.

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QxControl June 2021 Release: New video player, digital PTZ, OSD, and more

By Tom Buckley on Jun 26, 2021 7:39:36 AM

The latest monthly release of QxControl is now live for all users. In this June 2021 release, the Video Player functionality has been significantly expanded with the introduction of Digital PTZ on live and recorded video, On Screen Display, fast forward and rewind, frame by frame step through, and more.  Here are the highlights:

New Video Player Interface: the Video Player functionality has been significantly expanded with the introduction of Digital PTZ on live and recorded video, On Screen Display, fast forward and rewind, frame by frame step through, and more.


Video Playback:
the Video Player functionality has been significantly expanded with the introduction of Digital PTZ on live and recorded video, On Screen Display, fast forward and rewind, frame by frame step through, and more.


Available actions have moved to the Video Player control bar and include OSD (On-Screen Display, Download Clip and Enable PTZ. Choosing “Settings” reveals the options to be included in the OSD and where the OSD will appear.



Digital PTZ
is now available in both Live and Search to allow Digital Pan, Tilt, and Zoom of Live and Recorded Video.


Gateways, Roles and Views UI:
The Gateway, Roles and Views pages have been updated to the latest UI, enhancing their appearance and ease of use.



Revamped Gateway cards: The Gateway cards now display a full range of information, including all of the cameras and doors that are connected to it.


Information on this update with a complete list of features, enhancements, and fixes, is available here: QxControl Release Notes.

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PSA Announces Partnership with Qumulex for Managed Security Service Provider Program

By Tom Buckley on Nov 19, 2020 12:06:54 PM

We're very pleased to announce that PSA, the world's largest consortium of professional security integrators, has added Qumulex to their Managed Security Service Provider program (MSSP).

psa-qumulex-320“Qumulex designs products that make the transition from legacy systems to the cloud, easier and more manageable,” said Tim Brooks, vice president of sales and vendor management for PSA. “This hybrid model allows customers to be both on-premises and in the cloud without having to entirely replace a legacy system. We are very pleased to add Qumulex to our lineup of products.”

The addition of Qumulex to the PSA offering further strengthens our integrator focus.  We look forward to working with all of PSA's resellers, many of whom we've had a long working relationship with our past ventures.

The full PSA announcement is available here.

The full listing of PSA's MSSP partners is here:



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These things make hybrid cloud video attractive

By Tom Buckley on Sep 30, 2020 1:34:47 PM

hybrid-cloudAsmag.com recently wrote an article on the benefits of a hybrid cloud architecture for video surveillance, and highlighted Qumulex in the article. It starts off:

More and more, cloud-based video surveillance is gaining traction. However, to some users, pure cloud has certain shortcomings. In this sense, the so-called hybrid cloud architecture can give end users the benefits of both on-prem and cloud solutions.

A hybrid cloud solution allows the user to store certain video onsite and others in the cloud, providing flexibility. “From a flexibility standpoint, hybrid systems allow customers to use inexpensive local storage for video archiving and less high-value video, while enjoying the benefits of the cloud for high-value video,” said Tom Buckley, Co-Founder of Qumulex. “Additionally, due to regulatory, insurance or other reasons, some customers have cameras in classified or sensitive areas that they don’t want to store in the cloud, yet want to utilize the same system to utilize the remainder of the cameras in the cloud.”

You can read the full article here.

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Qumulex Sponsoring PSA Adapt, Oct 6-8, 2020

By Tom Buckley on Sep 30, 2020 11:21:20 AM

Adapt-2020-header-Qumulex-psa-logoQumulex is pround to be sponsoring and virtually exhibiting at PSA Adapt 2020, the virtual conference held for the members of PSA Security Network.

PSA Adapt gives PSA network members the chance to participate in sales, operations and leadership-driven education sessions, discuss what is happening at PSA, learn about new trends in the industry, network with other PSA Network members and vendors, and gain access to additional tools and resources to help them reinvent their businesses in the post-COVID-19 economy.

Qumulex will be holding live demos in our virtual booth during the vendor hours each day:

  • Tue Oct 6 - 1:15pm-2:45pm ET
  • Wed Oct 7 - 12:15pm-1:45pm ET
  • Thu Oct 8 - 12:30pm-2:00pm ET

PSA Adapt main page is here. Qumulex virtual trade show booth is here.

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Qumulex presenting at the IPVM VSaaS Online Show 06-25-2020

By Tom Buckley on Jun 18, 2020 12:35:06 PM

Qumulex at IPVM VSaaS Online Show 062520

Qumulex will be presenting at the upcoming IPVM VSaaS Online Show, on Thursday, June 25 at 1:00pm ET.  This is the second of the IPVM Online Shows we've participated in, and the focus for this show is Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS),  

We'll be doing an in-depth look at our unique cloud and hybrid unified video surveillance and access control platform, including a detailed demo of our QxControl software, which operates on any browser, mobile or desktop. Viewers and the moderators can ask questions during the presentation. 

If you missed our last IPVM presentation in May, you can view it here, along with IPVM's commentary.

You can view the full presentation we did at the IPVM VSaaS Online Show site here.

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Qumulex growth chronicled in the Indianapolis Business Journal

By Tom Buckley on May 6, 2020 11:55:00 AM

IBJ on Qumulex's early growth

The Indianapolis Business Journal's North of 96th blog recently chronicled the early growth of Qumulex.

The genesis of the article came from the recent grant to Qumulex by the Indiana Economic Development Corp to help with job growth. The article goes on to highlight the founders who are serial entrepreneurs: 

Qumulex’s 21 employees are now working to offer those companies a mobile app and browser-based software that modernizes legacy cameras and access controls by transitioning them to an entirely cloud-based or hybrid system.

If surveillance is all about tracking where someone has been, then Qumulex’s founders are hoping the trail of successful companies they’ve left in their wake will instill confidence in the new brand.

The company’s eight founders have been building transitional technology products and selling them to commercial security systems dealers across the nation for 30 years. Buckley said Qumulex has ties to successful video conversion companies, like Truevision and Integral, from as far back as the late 1980s.

In 2005, Qumulex’s cofounders launched Exacq Technologies. The company, which focuses on security and surveillance video management systems, was named one of IBJ’s 10 fastest-growing private companies in 2012 and 2013.

Later that year, Switzerland-based Tyco International Ltd. saw Exacq was on track to generate $75 million in revenue in 2014 and quickly bought the company for $150 million.

You can read the full IBJ story here.

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Qumulex presenting at the upcoming IPVM Online Show, May 12-14

By Tom Buckley on Apr 27, 2020 3:37:23 PM

Qumulex at IPVM Online Show May 12-14

We're pleased to be a part of the next IPVM Online Show, focusing on Start-Ups, May 12-14, 2020.  Qumulex will be presenting at 9:00am EDT on Wednesday, May 13. 

The IPVM Online Shows are a unique opportunity for manufacturers to present their products, and for viewers and the moderators to ask questions. We'll be giving an overview of our upcoming hybrid cloud video surveillance and access control platform, designed for the security integrator, which begins shipping Summer 2020.

Full information on the next IPVM Online Show is here.

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Will lightning strike again for Qumulex’s serial entrepreneur founders?

By Tom Buckley on Mar 24, 2020 1:22:00 PM

Techpoint profile of QumulexTechPoint, the growth accelerator for Indiana's tech ecosystem, recently published a profile of Qumulex, focusing on Qumulex's serial entrepreneur founders, and the unique opportunity of applying new technology to the commercial video surveillance and access control space.

On the time being right to introduce new technology into the commercial physical security channel, they commented:

Qumulex has quickly grown to employ 21 and expects to hire at least 10 more people this year, with the ultimate goal of employing (and hopefully surpassing) the success of previous entrepreneurial ventures. Currently operating out of the Indiana IoT Lab in Fishers, Ind., the company has benefited from the innovative environment and serendipitous relationships built in proximity to other trailblazers and entrepreneurs.

The team at Qumulex has made it a habit to enter markets right as they are undergoing a technology transformation. They launched one of the first hard drive-based digital recorders when the physical security industry standard was still predominantly using time-lapse VCRs and half-inch tapes. They also developed a control box with a modern user interface for high-resolution IP cameras, just as the industry was shifting to the new cameras from the older analog versions.

Today, in their latest venture at Qumulex, they are operating at an intersection of the industry’s shift from on-premise servers and access control systems to the cloud.

Our thanks to the team at TechPoint. You can read the full article here.

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