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QxControl January 2023 Release: Timeline Search

QxControl January 2023 Release: Timeline Search

The January 2023 QxControl update is one of our biggest yet! We have added a new Timeline Search function to our already precise event and analytic search. Continuous Local Recording is now a selectable option. Qumulex Enterprise Panels powered by HID Mercury are now in stock. With QxControl Pro and QxControl One, we have redefined the way you buy cloud, with a one-time license fee rather than on-going subscriptions!

Here are the new January 2023 features in detail:

New: Timeline Search

In addition to the popular event and analytic-based search, QxControl now has a full Timeline Search function, giving even more flexibility for searching and scrubbing through recorded video, exporting clips, and sharing clips.

You can also easily create a clip and upload to the Clips Page, utilizing the 20GB of free cloud clip storage included with every camera license, and easily share the clip with anyone via email or SMS.

Image 1

By enabling Continuous Recording on cameras you can now scrub for both events and continuously recorded video in one easy to use timeline format.

And just like our Search Page, you can filter using all of the same Analytics Smart Tags such as Vehicle, Person, Left Object, Motion, and more.

And with the intuitive QxControl User Interface, you get all the features and functionality on any device, even mobile!

Mobile 1 new Mobile 2

Timeline Search is loaded with all the same player features found in Search, such as playback controls (Start Over, Play, Step by Frame, Fast Forward), Fullscreen, On Screen Display and Digital PTZ to zoom in closer and view details.

Image 2

You can easily adjust the timescale and choose between a wider or more narrow scope of time to scrub.  You can use the Create Clip feature to select a video segment to upload to the cloud clip storage. Combined with Continuous Recording, you can now set a clip for whatever length you prefer, even if there was no motion or analytic event at that time.

Image 4

Exporting a clip from the timeline is quick and easy. Simply drag the start and end brackets to define the clip length, then upload to the free cloud clip storage for sharing via email or SMS.

By clicking on the help button, you can also see an easy-to-use legend to learn about the various color codes you see in the timeline, and if the video is stored on the Gateway or in the Cloud.

Image 3


New: Continuous Local Recording

Continuous recording is available now for any camera you have in QxControl. You can easily enable this by choosing from the Edit Camera Page.

Edit camera

In this example, you see that Continuous is selected in combination with a 30-day cloud subscription. This means that all event video will be stored in the cloud, and the continuous recording will be stored on your Gateway. This is yet another way that QxControl Gateways help to conserve internet bandwidth usage.

Lastly you will see that the schedule for this camera is set for “Always,” meaning that it is always recording continuous video on the Gateway. You can visit the Schedules page and create a schedule that you wish to use to schedule continuous recording periods for the camera.  When the continuous record schedule is inactive, the camera will continue to record on events.


Information on this update with a complete list of features, enhancements, and fixes, is available here: QxControl Release Notes.

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