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QxControl March 2022 Release: Shared Clips and Analytics Smart Tags

QxControl March 2022 Release: Shared Clips and Analytics Smart Tags

The March 2022 QxControl update is now live! In this latest QxControl update, many new features have been added to QxControl, including new AI Object Analytics Smart Tags enabling searches for Vehicle Detection, Person Detectionand Mask Detection, expanded Fisheye support that works with any Onvif-S compliant Fisheye and choosing between multiple lens types, significant enhancements to Saved Clips, and more! 


Here are the new March 2022 features in detail:

New - AI Camera Object Analytics Smart Tags
In this update you can now use QxControl Smart Tags to search Object Detection events produced by Hanwha AI cameras. Using these new Smart Tags allows you to quickly and easily filter your search results using Advanced Object Analytics provided by these cameras.

New Smart Tags in this update:

  • Vehicle Detected
  • Person Detected
  • Mask Detected



Examples of Vehicle Detected from Hanwha PNV-A9081R


Example of Person Detected from Hanwha PNV-A9081R


Example of Mask Detected from Hanwha PNO-A9081

New - Wall Mount Fisheye Support
This update includes new enhancements to wall mounted fisheye camera support. These enhancements make it easier than ever to Dewarp, reposition and Digitally PTZ using a wall mounted fisheye camera in QxControl.

Enabling Fisheye support is easy to do in QxControl! Just choose Fisheye Wall from the Lens Type field to enable:


Then use the 
Digital PTZ function to find the view you prefer in Live view:


provides the best experience working with Fisheye cameras:

  • Works with any Onvif-S compliant Fisheye
  • Choose from multiple lens types
  • Save your preferred viewing angle, even multiple ways in a single saved layout
  • QxControl will always record the entire Fisheye image
  • Saved Fisheye Clips can be Dewarped allowing you to navigate the entire coverage area with Digital PTZ controls

And…it’s easy to use!



New - Enhancements to Saved Clip Playback
The experience of saving and viewing a clip is even better than before with this update. Now you can use playback controls that were previously only available using playback in the Search Page. These controls will allow you to do things like

  • Navigate with Digital PTZ
  • Step by frame
  • Fast forward

This makes the process of reviewing saved clips and scrubbing through video footage even easier than before.

Example of Player for Clip Share Recipient using iPhone 12

New - Choose Duration of Uploaded Clip
You asked us for more control of the length of your video clips… and we have delivered!  Qumulex has made the job of saving and sharing video clips even easier! You now have full control over the length of your clips.

Trim down a longer clip to focus on the activity that matters most, or extend the clip length to capture even more activity. There's now a simple way to do it.

Also, you can now safely store the clip in your included QxControl cloud service for as long as you like or set an expiration date, and share the clip with others - such as First Responders and Law Enforcement - for them to view on any device with a browser.




Foundational update for upcoming Device Discovery and Timeline Search
This update includes the framework for several features that will appear in later updates. Device Discovery and Timeline Search are among those features. For example, with this update you will now see new options in the Camera Settings page to support continuous recording. This is a precursor to our upcoming Timeline Search that will allow you to search and scrub through continuous recording.

This update also provides the back-end framework for our upcoming Device Discover Tool that will make the process of finding and adding devices to QxControl even easier. Please check our release notes for more information.


Also in the  March Update: Several other enhancements have also been added to QxControl in the March 2022 update.

Information on this update with a complete list of features, enhancements, and fixes, is available here: QxControl Release Notes.

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