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QxControl March 2023 Release: New Bandwidth Management Tools and more!

QxControl March 2023 Release: New Bandwidth Management Tools and more!

The March 2023 QxControl update has been released!

New Bandwidth Management tools enable choosing how much bandwidth your Gateway can consume when uploading to the cloud service, and when, based on a schedule. All of this is displayed on a new dashboard on the Gateway Info page where you can see this and other valuable networking information. You can drag new Bandwidth widgets into a Live view and build your own dashboard to monitor bandwidth statistics in Live.  

We have also expanded the ability to easily reboot devices remotely saving you even more truck rolls when managing customer sites! 

Here are all the details on the March 2023 QxControl update:


New: Bandwidth Management Tools & Dashboards

This update introduces the ability to control and schedule how much bandwidth is used for cloud uploads, and provides a Dashboard and Live widgets to measure that usage. 

By navigating to the Gateways Page and selecting a Gateway that you want to manage, you now have a whole host of bandwidth management and reporting tools:

Gateway Info Page - Choose Bandwidth

You can easily choose from a list of Bandwidth Limits to control the Gateway’s External Bandwidth Usage.

You can then use the Schedules Page to create a schedule for when these limitations should be used:  

Bandwidth Schedule


The Gateway Info Page enables monitoring the actual performance and from here easily toggle the Bandwidth Limits on/Off:

Gateway Info Page - Toggle Switch

The new Bandwidth Widgets allow you build your own dashboard on the Live Page:


Bandwidth is an important aspect of planning and managing a cloud-based solution.

As always, it works great on mobile devices too:


These new Bandwidth tools in the March update to give significantly more control and flexibility to manage bandwidth usage than ever before!

New: Rebooting ONVIF & Mercury Devices Remotely

One of the many benefits of the QxControl VSaaS and ACaaS cloud solutions is the ability to manage your devices from anywhere and at scale. This month we have added even more remote capability with our new Reboot function.


From the same Config menu where you access Go to Webpage, reconnect, and Update (Access Controllers), you will now see the Reboot function allowing you to easily power cycle a device without traveling to the site, using desktop or mobile! 


The ability to remotely reboot any video or access devices easily is a major enhancement for both customers, as well as the resellers who are providing Managed Services for their customers.

In addition to the features mentioned above, several other enhancements have been made, including:

  • New: Aperio Compatibility When using QxControl with HID Mercury
  • New: Cloud Storage Indicator in Event Clips
  • New: Toggle Between Available and Deleted Clips on Clips Page  


Information on this update with a complete list of features, enhancements, and fixes, is available here: QxControl Release Notes.


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