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QxControl May 2022 Release: Notifications and Rules Engine

QxControl May 2022 Release: Notifications and Rules Engine

The May 2022 QxControl update is now live! In this latest QxControl update, many new features have been added to QxControl, including an all-new Rules Engine, all-new email and SMS notifications, the new Lockdown trigger, and more! 

Here's a video highlight of the May 2022 update:


Here are the new May 2022 features in detail:

New - Email and SMS Notifications
In the May update for QxControl you can now receive email and SMS notifications. Using our Rules Engine, also new for this update, you can setup a wide range of triggers to send these notifications.

Rules 1

Using the same engine as our popular Smart Tag Search you have access to nearly anything you want to be notified about:


Using this powerful dynamic database allows you to choose device statuses, conditions, analytics and more, and will always be in sync with all options available to you.

Options like Gateway Disconnected, Person Detected, Vehicle Detected, Motion and more, mean that your QxControl subscription unlocks the power to be notified about what matters most to keep your Places safe.

You also have the option to send emails and SMS messages, allowing you to receive the notification into your automated ticketing system (Zendesk, ConnectWise, etc.) or to your mobile device for 24/7 awareness:


As always, with our Progressive Web App approach you can expect the same great user experience on your iOS or Android devices:


Receiving notifications about QxControl helps you stay on top of the safety and security of your facility, even while you are away:


New - Lockdown Trigger Enhancements
Significant enhancements have been made to the Lockdown procedure. In this May release, there is now a faster way to initiate the Lockdown, a new addition of visual notification that a Lockdown has occurred, and a new way to automatically send notifications to emergency services, staff and building occupants.

Enabling a Lockdown is now easier than ever. When your scope is set to a customer site, you will see the new Lockdown button prominently displayed to the left of the Places button:

LD 1

This button is easy to find, and designed to avoid unintentional Lockdowns. To initiate, click the Lockdown button three times, and you will see a visual indicator letting you know that you need to keep clicking.

Visual feedback in QxControl will show a glowing red indicator at the top of your screen and all door widgets will show a red padlock to indicate the door is locked down:

LD 4

To remove the Lockdown, simply click the Lockdown button three times. This will then provide a final prompt to confirm and verify that it is now safe to do so:

LD 5


As with all QxControl features, this functionality, as well as alerts, is available on mobile devices:



Also in the May 2022 Update: Several other enhancements or fixes have also been added to QxControl in this update. Some of these include:

  • Configurable color for camera OSD
  • Download Clip now available on iOS devices
  • IP address of Door Controller added to List View for Doors
  • OSD enhancements (truncation and alignment)

Information on this update with a complete list of features, enhancements, and fixes, is available here: QxControl Release Notes.

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