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QxControl May 2023 Release: ONVIF PTZ Support, Mobile Scrolling View

QxControl May 2023 Release: ONVIF PTZ Support, Mobile Scrolling View

The May 2023 QxControl update has been released!

QxControl now allows the operation and control of PTZ cameras that are ONVIF S compliant, a highly-awaited feature. Keeping with the Open-Platform nature of QxControl, this update allows control of PTZ cameras from all camera vendors that are ONVIF S compliant.

Additionally, this update brings continued mobile enhancements, with a New Stacked Scrolling View feature that allows you to scroll vertically through all available cameras, ideal for larger installations. Additionally, this update adds performance monitoring and adjustments for iOS devices, as well as many back end and performance upgrades for the mobile video player. 

Here are all the details on the May 2023 QxControl update:


New: Open-Platform PTZ Camera Control

QxControl continues to separate itself from the competition with our latest update that introduces PTZ camera control.  And unlike some other cloud solutions, QxControl is compatible with ANY ONVIF S PTZ camera.

Compatible PTZ cameras will now display the Joystick and Preset function anywhere in the app where live video is supported: 

3 - Enabled Close Up

The control of the PTZ camera is easy: just grab the center of the joystick and drag in the desired direction

3a - Enabled Close Up with Red

You can also click on the directional arrows and jog in defined movements in the direction you wish to move the camera:

5a - Jog Down with Red

You can also zoom the motorized Lens in and out using the mouse wheel on your desktop computer: 

6 - Zoom in out

And of course you can Save and Recall Presets to easily jump to a saved location and zoom level:

8- Add Preset

Because QxControl is browser-based, all of the PTZ functionality is equally available on Mobile devices: 


With the May 2023 QxControl update, it is no longer a choice between using PTZ cameras or using a cloud-based solution. QxControl brings you both, as we continue to build one of the most feature-rich cloud solutions on the market. 

New: Stacked Scrolling View for Mobile

This update continues the rapid feature enhancements for mobile usage of QxControl.  With the new Stacked Scrolling View feature in the May 2023 release, you can now utilize all of your saved desktop views in mobile, regardless of the number of cameras/widgets in the view.

On your mobile device, simply select any layout or view you have saved, then click on the new Stacked View layout button in the toolbar, and it instantly displays all the cameras in the view into a stacked scrolling view, in the same order as was in the desktop view.

In this example, we have a saved 3x3 desktop view:

3x3 WIth no border

Call up the same saved view on your Mobile device, tap the Stacked View button on the toolbar, and all of the cameras line up vertically in a scrollable view:

unnamed (1)

This feature has been optimized for mobile so that cameras that have scrolled off-screen do not consume mobile system resources.


In addition to the features mentioned above, several other enhancements have been made, including significant enhancements to licensing and subscription management for Enterprise customers.

Information on this update with a complete list of features, enhancements, and fixes, is available here: QxControl Release Notes.


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