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QxControl September 2022 Release: Mercury Support, and new QxControl Pro & One!

QxControl September 2022 Release: Mercury Support, and new QxControl Pro & One!

A major QxControl update just landed! The new September 2022 update includes our support for HID Mercury, launching our own line of Access Control hardware with our Qumulex Enterprise Panels, adding Door Kits that combine the Qx Enterprise Panels with LifeSafety Power enclosures, and adding support for Vivotek camera analytics. Finally, we have changed the way you buy cloud subscriptions with our simplified QxControl Pro and QxControl One.

Here's a quick video of all of the new features in the September 2022 update:


Here are the new September 2022 features in detail:

New: Qumulex Re-defining the way you buy Cloud

Qumulex has made it easier than ever to transition to the cloud. Now we have introduced two new ways to buy QxControl: QxControl Pro and QxControl One.

QxControl Pro
QxControl Pro provides all the benefits of the cloud without the subscription, offering a onetime, affordable cloud license. This license gives you access to QxControl in the cloud with no further fees required.

This is a great approach for those selling traditional VMS and Access Control solutions who are looking for a way to sell cloud without disrupting their current business model.

QxControl Pro allows for unlimited edge storage. And as an option, you can also add cloud storage to any camera for any duration of time, plus add cloud analytics to any camera for any period of time. While not required, these and other extended features will be available via optional subscriptions helping you transition to a SaaS model at a pace that fits YOUR business.

QxControl One
QxControl One is the perfect option for single-site customers that value scalability. QxControl One offers the same familiar, intuitive user interface as QxControl Pro but delivered as an on-premises solution. The best part is that QxControl One is compatible with all Qumulex Gateways and can be upgraded to QxControl Pro at any time to deliver the full experience and benefit of our cloud solution.

More information at www.qumulex.com/qxcontrol.


New: Support for Mercury

Mercury_Authentic-screen-resQxControl was built from the ground-up as a unified Video and Access Control solution. Now we have made it even easier to manage your Doors in QxControl

With this update we are excited to announce that we are now an official OEM partner with HID Mercury, one of the most trusted names in Access Control. Starting with this month’s update you can use LP series Door Controllers and MR Series SIO modules to manage your Doors in QxControl.

Using our simple and intuitive UI, begin by choosing your LP Series Controller, and then build your Doors using the available SIO Inventory:


New: Qumulex Enterprise Panels

Even bigger news is that as an OEM Partner with HID Mercury we are announcing that later this month we will begin shipping our new QX Enterprise Panels (QXEP) that are powered by Mercury!



We are now offering these QXEP-LP controllers and QXEP-MR Modules to our authorized Qumulex Resellers. These Mercury-based products can be quoted now and will be ready to ship within the month!

For more information on our new Qumulex Enterprise Panels powered by HID Mercury please visit www.qumulex.com/qxep


New: Qumulex Intelligent Door Kits

Along with Mercury compatibility and QX Enterprise panels, we are also launching our new QXEP Intelligent Door Kits. These Door Kits combine our Qx Enterprise Panels with powered enclosures from LifeSafety Power, one of the best products available for delivering and managing power in the security industry.


These Door Kits are the perfect solution to simplify the ordering and installation process. Available in a variety of sizes and configurations there is a kit that is designed to fit your application.

There are three product lines available for the QXEP Door kits:

  • Unified Series Unmanaged door kits offer a Unified backplane fitted for Mercury based panels and are unmanaged to offer a more economical experience.
  • Unified Series Managed door kits offer a Unified backplane fitted for Mercury based panels and are equipped with managed outputs compatible with the MSM software, built for multi-site management of locks, batteries, power supplies and more.
  • ProWire Series Managed door kits offer a truly simple installation with stunning results, and a tremendous savings in labor cost. ProWire kits are shipped to you with all wiring labeled, dressed and ready to plug into your QXEP panels. ProWire kits are available with Panduit Slotted Duct, Cable Ties, or Velcro for bundling and management of the wiring. ProWire kits are also equipped with managed outputs compatible with the MSM software built for multi-site management of locks, batteries, power supplies and more. QXEP ProWire kits deliver consistency, speed, and quality for your project!

For more information on our new QxControl Intelligent Door Kits, please visit www.qumulex.com/qxep-dk


New: Support for Vivotek Smart VCA Camera Analytics

In this September release we have added support for VIVOTEK Smart VCA camera analytics. VIVOTEK cameras that support the Smart VCA analytic suite can now realize their full potential in QxControl and provide exceptional awareness from this suite of AI Analytics.

Supported Smart Tags in QxControl include:

  • Loitering
  • Intrusion
  • Crossline
  • Count Exceeded
  • Removed Object
  • Left Object


By simply enabling and configuring these analytics in your VIVOTEK camera, QxControl will automatically begin to show these events in your Search page and will correspond to the appropriate Smart Tags in your Search Filters.


New: New-User Workflow

We received a lot of feedback that while creating a user was easy, QxControl didn't provide an automated message to the new user letting them know that they have been given access, or where to login to QxControl.

In this update, that has now been remedied. New users will now get the following message:


This automated message provides all the necessary information for the new user to get started:

  • Notification that a new user profile has been created for them
  • Instructions on how to authenticate and login to QxControl
  • An easy, clickable link to take the new user to QxControl
  • Contact information for our Support Team in the event there is an issue

Thank you again to everyone who provided feedback on this, and please continue to send your suggestions!


Information on this update with a complete list of features, enhancements, and fixes, is available here: QxControl Release Notes.

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